Client Impact

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana

Bishop Chatard High School

Bona Vista Programs Inc.

Cardinal Services, Inc.

Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP)

Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana

HealthNet Community Health Centers

Homeless Initiative Program (HIP)

INARF (Indiana Association of Rehabilitation Facilities)

Langham Logistics


Miles Printing

Pathfinder Services, Inc.

Providence Cristo Rey High School

Reis-Nichols, Inc.

School of Liberal Arts, Indiana University- Purdue University, Indianapolis

Jan and Christy are amazing at designing a custom Strategic Planning process that enabled us to make sense of planning in a complex world to come out with a workable plan for our multi-dimensional organization. I do not hesitate in recommending them for any agency that is trying to create a clear visionary and sustainable plan for the future.

-Jon Niederman, President
Pathfinder Services

“Planningplus+ has served Bishop Chatard High School for over 15 years, providing strategic planning expertise that has resulted in a variety of new initiatives and the reinforcement of the things that have made our school so successful in recent years. They have demonstrated a consistent ability to understand our mission and keep us focused on the higher-level strategies, while facilitating the development of the action steps that are the keys to living out a successful planning process. We see Planningplus+ as our partners in the long term success of our school and highly recommend them to any organization in need of a decidedly professional and effective planning consultant.”

-Bill Sahm, President
Bishop Chatard High School

“Since 1998 we have turned to Jan Frazier to facilitate our annual strategic planning retreats with our leadership team.  We are always humming with ideas, but when you can bring in a facilitator with a fresh perspective and turn ideas into solid plans with goals and timelines, real success begins to plays out.  Jan has guided us through building a strong mission statement and internal structure changes that have enabled our company grow remarkably over the years… she is a true partner in our business.”

-BJ Nichols, Owner
Reis Nichols

Jan was very instrumental in reinforcing the benefits of building a strategic plan that is reflective of the mission and vision of the organization.  The end result was a plan that had a long term vision that reflected the input of the staff and it became their plan and a useful tool.  This is always good for an organization to agree on the direction! 

-Jill Dunn, President/CEO
Bona Vista Programs Inc.

Planning Plus has been a partner to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana for the past seven years.  We’ve worked with Jan and Christy to develop three strategic plans, develop our Board of Directors, and improve organizational and personnel practices.  I say “partner” on purpose because they really invest themselves in your success and can adapt what they do as your organization evolves and needs change.  They listen and help you frame what you’re trying to tackle in a way that can be hard to do on your own when you’re in the thick of it all.  They can effectively manage any group dynamics and make sure you land with a clear path forward.  I’ve also personally learned a lot from working with them and always trust that we will get sound advice and excellent results.  For us, this is one of those relationships we keep going back to because we trust them and have benefited over and over from the work and results of that work.

-Darcey Palmer-Shultz, CEO
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana

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